Mission Keto: Day 3

Woke up this morning feeling great!

I wasn’t especially hungry, but I forced myself to go eat breakfast.

7:32 AM – Two vegetable omelets, both delicious and keto. Breakfast used to be my least favorite meal, but now with eggs being keto, I think breakfast is my favorite.

11:20 AM – I was hungry throughout class, eagerly awaiting lunch.

12:38 PM – I had a lunch of (can you guess???) TUNA salad and salad salad. My “salad salad” was dark lettuce with cucumbers, broccoli, and oil/vinegar dressing. I also got humus, and overall the meal felt pretty normal…too normal.

3:45 PM – For my challenge fitness class, we completed interval runs on the track. For the first one I felt good, but quickly it felt as though I was drained of energy. My quads were sore throughout (they have no reason to be), but I made it through the workout. Perhaps this is my singular symptom of “keto flu” as my body gets adjusted to the keto diet.

5:21 PM – I was sort of hungry, but felt as though it was too early to go to dinner, so I started eating from the bag of almonds in my room. They were quite addictive and I think I went through about 30 in under 5 minutes.

6:05 PM – Dinnertime! I had a Romaine lettuce salad with chicken chunks topped with golden Italian dressing. I hadn’t realized that my favorite dressing, my baby, my golden Italian, was keto. I was so happy. In addition, Elm (the dining hall) had “Red’s Best Crispy Buffalo Skate Wings,” and while I couldn’t find the exact carb count for the wings, I looked at the (hopefully) comparable Buffalo Wild Wings which have a fats-to-carbs ratio of 10:1, and deemed them alright. Overall, the meal was fantastic! Maybe I can pull this keto diet off.

I think my biggest concern was that today felt too normal. I shouldn’t be hungry while in ketosis, yet my hunger hasn’t changed. Perhaps I’m consuming too many carbs, but then where did they come from? Everything I’ve eaten looks keto…

Slightly confused but optimistic,



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