Mission Keto: Day 4

Today felt very normal, and the food hasn’t changed much from the previous days, so I’ll keep this one brief.

7:15 AM – Breakfast of only scrambled eggs

12:38 PM – I had a lunch with tuna and a salad consisting of Romaine lettuce topped with chicken chunks and golden Italian.

3:19 PM – Just a couple of dozen almonds before trip to gym.

4:35 PM – Heavy squatting and deadlifts, but felt normal.

5:41 PM – Dinner with salad (Romaine lettuce, chicken, golden Italian), chicken burger (no buns of course), and peanut butter. I made sure to limit my peanut butter because there are 3 grams of carbs/tablespoon, and I didn’t want to risk leaving ketosis.

Now it’s 6:29 PM, and the only interesting thing I can say about today was feeling less hungry than usual while still maintaining the same energy levels. In addition, my weight is the same as it was at the beginning of the diet.

Eating keto is becoming easier. I don’t experience as many urges, and it’s only on Day 4. Yet, at the same time, I’m feeling very average, and I can’t say that keto has improved my life much.

I know. It’s early to be making conclusions, but I just had hoped it would be more magical.

In search of magic,



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